Moon Walk Quiet Game


Here is a little outer-space quiet-time activity beyond easy to make. The images were found “somewhere” in the universe which is the Internet. I saved them, printed them out and mounted them on magnet sheets. I cut them out of the magnet sheets and rounded the corners. One is on the lid so you know what is inside of the tin and one is on the floor of the tin. I love to search the little bags of little things at Savers. When I find one with enough things I think I can use, I buy it. If I have a lot of little things, I put them in a mesh bag and wash them in the dishwasher. If I find only a few things, I wash them in the sink or in a colander.

I love the world of “little” and “small” and “tiny”.  

So do little, tiny, small children.



Mr. Moon

A Song of the Little People

– Bliss Carman-

O Moon, Mr. Moon,

When you comin’ down?

Down on the hilltop,

Down in the glen,

Out in the clearin’,

To play with little men?

Moon, Mr. Moon,

When you comin’ down?

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