Cupcake Apron for Afton



“There is something so moving about a truly beautiful woman

¬†cooking dinner for someone she loves.”

-Thomas Wolfe-



Just a quick look at another little apron. This one will help Afton when she is cooking. She cooks often. Granted, it won’t keep her perfectly clean because it is called a “half apron” but it will certainly make her feel more like cooking and at least she will have something to wipe her hands on when she prepares her food ! It can be difficult to keep an apron around your waist when you are three and don’t have any hips yet.

If the fabrics get any cuter, I don’t know what I will do. Well, I do know what I will do. A quarter of this and a third of that. Neatly folded and easy to see. Mixed and matched with other neatly folded pieces of ¬†“have to have” fabric.



“The minute she puts on the apron, take a picture for me.”

{That is what I told my daughter when they walked out of my door with the apron in hand.}

And, she did !

“I read recipes just like I read science fiction.

I get to the end and say “well, that just isn’t going to happen.”

-Rita Rudner-

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