Cushions for Kids

( Whew !  Done ! )

This was quite an undertaking. 


That is the number of cushions I made for our family get-together.

Sorry parents. Just for the kids.


Yesterday I finished the cushions. Grandpa actually asked me if this was a project I wished I had never started. I thought for a minute and said:


“I loved this project.”

(That doesn’t mean I didn’t have my moments.)

I don’t know how many times I changed the bobbin, but it was many.

Nevertheless . . .I am SO excited for our Family Get-Together in early July where I will give the cushions to each of my grandchildren. They can use them to sit on when they watch a movie or rest on while they catch their collective breaths outside in the shade.  Maybe they will want to lean against them while they read a book ?



I saw the idea on the Internet and take no credit for how VERY easy it was to follow. Thank you to each and every person who made a cushion and posted a picture of it. Each cushion took about an hour and a half from start to finish. I spread the process over a few weeks and admit that I am breathing better knowing that the cushions are finished.

This is what I learned:

The best stores for heavy outdoor-type fabric or upholstery fabric are Hancock”s, JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby and, if you live in Utah,  Home Fabrics.   Home Fabrics sells upholstery fabric end-bolts by-the-yard at incredible prices. These stores always have a $3 and $5 per yard section. Since each cushion only takes one yard, it is very economical to find fabric at a Home Fabrics store. ( I know of one in Orem and in Midvale)

Hint:  Buy one yard of 54″ fabric and one and a quarter yards of 45″ fabric.

Hobby Lobby is the only store of the four which often has its piping packages on sale at 50%.  That makes them $1 per package .

You will need two packages per cushion ( one package for each circle ) and I had about 14 inches left over from each package. If you make a smaller circumference (the size of your two circles) you will need less piping. My cushions were made with 18″ circles and a 12″  center strip.

And, if you are really pinching your pennies . . .

you can skip the piping and the cushions will be just as cute !

The least expensive Polyfill I have found is at Hobby Lobby.  A 12 oz. bag is $2.99.


I wonder if the kids will think the cushions are “boppers” ?

We may have to talk about that.  I have to admit that when I picked up each one by the handle . . . I thought  how irresistible “bopping” might be for the boys.


We’ll see, won’t we?


“Miss Muffet called them Tuffets. 

Spiders like to sit on them, too.”



– Grandma


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