Tithing Jars for Children


Some of our money belongs to someone else.

Ten Percent belongs to our Heavenly Father.

We pay it to Him to help others. His representatives on earth know who needs help.

We feel privileged to pay our Tithing.

Children have to be taught about money. I saw this idea on the Internet and loved it. It was so straightforward and easy to understand. Tithing comes first. After it is paid, a child can decide how much to save and of that amount, how much to spend.

Paying Tithing is the same as Sharing. Paying Tithing helps children learn to sacrifice.

A dime from a dollar is a fortune when you are little. 

Our July Family Get-Together may present a time for discussion about Spiritual Things such as Tithing. Grandpa and I will explain to our grandchildren how our lives have been blessed by paying Tithing and why we hope they will choose to pay Tithing, too.


I could not have been happier than when I found these little jars at Dollar Tree. They were perfect for this project, which was a set of three jars for each grandchild. I cut the words using my Silhouette Cutting Machine and easily put them on each jar.

So many blessings come from paying a prompt and honest Tithe.

That is what I BELIEVE.



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