A Keepsake Quilt for Dolly

“Sewing mends the soul.”

-Author Unknown-

journal entry:

What is a keepsake?  That is a good question.  We keep many things.  We keep them for different reasons.  Sometimes we think we might use things someday, or someone else might want it someday, or it came from somewhere we want to remember, or it cost a lot of money, or we haven’t decided yet.  Keepsakes are different.  Keepsakes are things we keep because we love them.  Keepsakes are things that remind us of something or someone else.  Keepsakes can be expensive but most of the time they are not.  Keepsakes are things given with great love.  We attach symbolism to keepsakes.  Keepsakes bind us to the giver.  They help us to remember time, place, smell, sound and feelings.

This is a little dolly blanket I made for my little granddaughter.  It is very small.  Only twelve inches square.  This little quilt is a keepsake.  Not because it is anything out of the ordinary.  It is not.  I found the fabric at a small quilting shop near my home.  The little squares were already sewn together.   I cut the large square and put a back on it from a fabric matching the ruffle. The plain squares are made from a wonderful fabric stitched with lines in it.  The ruffle matches the plain fabrics.  I used embroidery floss to tie the little quilt.

My grandmother used to make little dolly blankies like this when I was a little person.  I remember them but don’t have one as a keepsake.  Afton can keep this blankie as a keepsake.  She can wrap her dolly in it over and over.  Her mommy can wash it.  It can fall apart.  But, if she grows to love it . . . then maybe her mommy will wash it, fold it, and put it away for her.  When Afton has a little girl of her own, she can teach her about keepsakes !  Oh.  And don’t forget to add a personal fabric label.

“A quilt will warm your body and comfort your soul.”

-Author Unknown-

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