Easy Ballerina Muslin Doll


This project was just plain fun.

The best part was getting glitter from the net on everything. It’s fun to leave it on your face when you leave the house and pretend you don’t know. Grandpa is forever saying to me “did you know that you have glitter on your face?”

Well . . . oh silly me.

I ordered several muslin dolls from Sunshine Crafts. They were $2.90 at the time and I have used them for many a project. This ballerina was especially fun because of her hair. It is made from “loopy” yarn which was very easy to sew to her little head.

This ballerina’s clothes are made from a scrap of this and a snip of that and are SEWN right to her body. I LOVE DRESSING DOLLS !




“Easy, quick, inexpensive. There’s still time before Christmas !”




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