Christmas Quilts for One-and-All




Another Christmas Secret !

 Don’t tell !

I started several months ago to make quilts for Christmas. Inspired by the oft-used phrase that“one can never have too many” of something . . . I decided to make a bunch of small quilts for little people to drag across the floor.

It is pretty clear that I can’t get enough of the INCREDIBLY CUTE FABRIC that has flooded the quilting shops. Some of the cutest fabric I found for these quilts came from Hancock Fabrics . . . on sale of course.





I am not a true quilter. Let’s get that confession out of the way. These little quilts are a combination of “tied and machine”.  Some have embellishments ( like the red quilt on the left with one patch of chenille with a red felt flower) but most are pretty ordinary and easy to wash . . . I hope.




“Snuggle Time”


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