Easy Chalkboard Art for Kids


I, too, am caught up in all of the wonderful “chalkboard” art that is everywhere.  At our recent family gathering, I gave each child a piece of black poster board and piled the chalk in a bowl in the middle. (Fat sidewalk chalk and skinny chalkboard chalk ) During the day, the children took  breaks under the shade cloth on the deck and created. Some creations were better than others. I mean some were more “explainable” than others. That is what I really meant.

As you can see, the chalk made it to the poster board and then it spilled over onto the wooden deck and then to the fingers and the feet and the toes.

There was sneezing and hand prints and foot prints.


One by one the children finished their masterpieces. I taped them to the deck railing with strong packing tape. Before long the railing was filled.

The girls liked to fill every inch of the paper while the boys dealt in broad strokes and a quick retreat.

I was perfectly satisfied.

This is just a quick little post for some quick little fun. 





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