Shaving Cream FUN !


We have a HUGE rock in our back yard.

The children call it “the painting rock” because I have often bought finger paints for them to paint the rock. It is shaped like a big table with a really flat surface. Lots of little bodies can gather around it at the same time.

During our recent FAMILY GET-TOGETHER

 I surprised our grandchildren with SHAVING CREAM !

Anyone who knows children knows that messy is always in style. Anything that can smooosh or swish or smush is FUN !  Shaving Cream does all of those things and more.


I am an unapologetic dollar- store regular with all of the receipts to prove it. That is where I bought a can of shaving cream for each child and a couple of packages of foam brushes in various sizes. I chose shaving creams with exotic scents. Vanilla. Blueberry. Fuscia . . . (isn’t that a color?) It took a little arm twisting to get the boys who could read to use the smelly creams but their hesitation lasted only as long as it took to squeeze out the first dollop.

 The promise of squirting and messing and fighting

with mounds of fluffy stuff won the day.




I knew that the hose was just feet away. I knew that parents were all around. Someone thought the cream might bleach the children’s swimming suits. Someone thought that it might hurt their eyes . . . if it got in them.

I said “oh, well” and ” I guess we’ll see” . . . and passed out the cans. 


This activity stays on my Family Get-Together List.

It was SO fun and lasted for a long time.

(There was a lot of shaving cream in those cans !)

I actually found myself wondering if I should have bought two cans for each child ?

The fun would have gone on into the night.

There were no “shaving cream eyes “. Not a single swimming suit was ruined. And, no one could say “she got more than I did” because the cans were all the same.

Same is good.

Some children squirted their shaving cream out all at once.

Some children rationed it and made very precise designs.

Some mixed it into the dirt.

In the end,

we simply washed off the little bodies and the rock with the hose.

 “All great works of art look like they were painted with joy.”

-Robert Henri-


 -Grandma of Fourteen . . . soon to be Fifteen-


  1. Sandra

    Did you Dan? I don’t remember. My mind is racing ahead to next year. What about kids putting the shaving cream on their fathers’ faces and their mothers’ legs? Yes. I would have to find something other than razor blades for them to use. Fun, huh?

    Love, Mom

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