Easy Crystal-Look Party Dishes


Where is a wedding when you need one?

If you tell the bride-to-be that these dishes are heirlooms and are heavily insured . . . she will want one on every table . . . full of little pastel mints or the candy balls with the chocolate inside.

Don’t tell her that the larger dishes are made from a crystal-look plate, a crystal-look candlestick and a crystal-look divided candy bowl for the total cost of $3. ¬†They are made possible by prowling dollar stores and using super glue to the best of your ability.


The photo above is the $2 version of a candy dish. It consists of a candlestick and a small glass bowl which was designed to hold a little tea light. Once again super glue brought them together without leaving a trace.

Putting together a wedding or a celebration of any kind on a tight budget might just be more fun than you think with a few dollars in your pocket and some super glue in the cupboard. I can’t think of a single thing I need them for but they were fun to make and now I know.


” What youth deemed crystal, age finds out was dew.”

-Robert Browning-


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