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I had to get something out of the Valentines’ box last night and found these little pink lights which I had never opened.  For some reason, and I don’t remember why, I didn’t put lights on my mantle for Valentines’ in February this year and so I hadn’t taken them out of their little round box.  I recalled seeing many ideas on the Internet for decorating with tiny lights and I had always intended to try it for myself.  The most creative ideas were usually on very creative Wedding Blogs. Strings of little lights hanging from trees, complimented by reflectors and tissue paper and circles like I have made.  I didn’t have a particular need for them right now but I wanted to figure out how make them before I needed them.   So I would be prepared.  For the future.  If someone needed funky party lights I would be “experienced”.



I used a two-inch punch to make the circles out of an assortment of paper scraps.  The punch size was just right.  I could have cut the circles with my Silhouette and had edges that were more fun but using the hand punch was MUCH faster.  Next time I will use the Silhouette Cutting Machine and have ruffled edges. Or scalloped edges.  Or zig zags.  Today I was just merrily figuring it out.  I could get seriously creative down the road.


I punched a hole right in the middle of the circle with a regular punch and cut a slit from the edge to the center.  I pushed the circle onto a glue dot and lifted it off.   Then I slid it around the light and moved the circle with my fingers until the glue dot overlapped the paper and the circle became shaped more like a reflector.  I pressed the paper together over the glue dot with a lot of pressure.





I suppose that I could have used any number of colors or textures to put behind the lights.  I knew the little lights were bright and wondered how they would look when they were plugged in.  I wasn’t worried about the different colors because I knew the lights would change things when they were on.  I  had no idea they would change everything SO much !



They looked like this !

Lights Alice in Wonderland would have died for.  So to speak.


I have to say that I was surprised how bright and interesting they became when reflecting all of the different papers I had chosen to use. The little lights really brought out the patterns.   I actually had the most fun taking the photographs.  Each one was so interesting. From every angle.


The lights were downright magical.



I think that next time I will use Glitter Card Stock.  And yellow lights.

Or  purple lights with textured Velum.  Wow.  That would be wonderful !


“Live in rooms full of light and you will see  life clearly.”





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