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journal entry:

Lunchables were a novelty when they first came out.  My grandchildren loved them and I loved them because they were easy and ready to go.  Over time, the novelty wore off but the need to have something already prepared did not.  Take this week-end.  Lots of grandchildren and their parents swarming around inside and outside.  The sun came out long enough to spend most of Saturday outside.  When the little people started saying that they were hungry, I didn’t panic. Grandpa spread a quilt on the grass and the little bodies squirmed around until they were comfortable.

The dollar store had small aluminum boxes with lids three for a dollar.  I used left-over mis-matched cupcake liners to hold the food.  Grapes, strawberries, little crackers, tiny carrots and roll-ups made from tortillas, turkey, cheese and Miracle Whip.  And toothpicks.



I worried a bit about the toothpicks but the parents said they were just fine.   Phew.  Since one of the little people can’t eat dairy or eggs, the roll-ups without any Miracle Whip were perfect for him.  His lunchable looked just like the rest of them.



I wrote the names on the lids and stacked them in the refrigerator.  It was so easy to carry them to the quilt, along with a box of Capri Sun juice drinks.





“Grandma, this is yummy.”




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