T-shirts for Everyone: The Sequel


journal entry:


I posted the t-shirts I made for my grandchildren a week-or-so ago.  Of course, they were empty then.  Hanging on a line with clothespins.  If you look back a few posts you will see how I made them.  They were a hit as I had hoped.  I was glad that I had made each one a different color with a different design on the front.  The children pulled them on over their other shirts and wore them around all day.  Some wore them more than one day.  They all took them home when the get-together was over.

I asked the parents to help get everyone onto the bench.  It is always like herding cats. The grown-ups stood behind me pulling faces and acting silly.  We all knew we had only a tiny window before the cats ran away.  After a normal picture or two we played a trick on the grown-ups.  We asked all of the grown-ups to turn their backs.  I brought out “the mystery bag” and put it in front of each child.  GLASSES !  Funny glasses !   I put my finger to my lips and said Shhhhhhhhh. Let’s surprise them.

The children put on their glasses, giggling all of the way.  Boy did they take the joke seriously.  Okay.  The grown-ups can turn around now.




You should have heard the squeals from the grown-ups.  Some kids put the noses on their heads or upside-down and one didn’t want to wear a nose at all. He said no and I said okay.  You’re nose is just fine.

So, there you have” the usual suspects”.   Afton, George, Holden, Andrew, Keeley Clara, Owen, Lydia and Talmage. Nine of eleven. That’s pretty good.


I think I will take a photograph like this one every year.  Even when they are all grown-up!


Wouldn’t it be great

to see twenty of these “nose” pictures

spread out on a table?



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