Lego Puzzles : The Sequel


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Here is the sequel to the Funny Face Puzzles from Legos-Post of a week ago.  The idea came from Family Fun Magazine and it was a hit !  Parents were allowed to help the children and they had as much fun as the kids.   I put each puzzle unassembled into a Ziploc bag.  I used the biggest Legos I could find so that they would be easy for little hands to work with.




The children started getting pretty creative.  They put families together and people on top of each other.  They laughed at every nose in the wrong place and every arm on backwards.  When all of the puzzles were put together, they decided to make a “big family”.  And, wasn’t that the point of the whole wonderful Memorial Day get-together?






{  here are just a few of the people we love and the good times we remember }



p.s.  I bought two large bags of large Legos at Wal-Mart and from them made fifty puzzles.




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