Family Gathering – More Photo Booth Fun

Family Gathering 2014_39




This post is a continuation of Family Gathering – Photo Booth Fun. It helps to have a “ham” or two in the crowd when you decide to get serious about taking pictures.

We quickly found out that EVERYONE is a “ham”, given the right disguise.


Family Gathering 2014_37


Children who would not EVER sit still for a serious photo were willing to do almost anything to dress up and have their pictures taken.

Family Gathering Photo Booth21


When Clara came up with this “muscle” shirt, I clicked away.

Every pose was different and every face was wonderful !

{ the hat came from the dollar store and the foliage from the 80% off rack at Michael’s }

Family Gathering 2014_34

Loved this one !

{ the snake came from the playroom }

Family Gathering Photo Booth-010

Loved the UPC tag in the front of the hat !

 { All edited in Pic Monkey. }

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