Family Gathering – Photo Booth Fun

clara photo booth2

{ hair made from curly dollar store ribbon attached to a headband looks like ringlets, doesn’t it?}

Oh, my goodness. This was FUN !


Photo Booths and Backdrops are quite the rage.

I wanted one that I could use over and over.

That is because I thought it just might be a hit.


Grandpa built a frame from fat PVC pipe which was 7 feet wide and 6 feet tall. I bought inexpensive, lightweight shower curtains for the backgrounds. Using shower curtain rings, we threaded them through seven curtains at once and slid the rings onto the top pipe. To choose a background, you simply threw the curtains you didn’t want over the top to reveal the curtain you did want.


owen photo booth


I spent quite a bit of time prowling for the props for the booth.


Glasses, mustaches, jewelry, hats, leis, scarves, fake flowers, eyes and noses, funny things on sticks like lips and ears and such . . . and headbands and funny signs and words.

george photo booth


Girls have dress-ups in their blood.

 Once they got started, there was no end to the creative ways they could fix themselves up.

The boys quickly got the picture { no pun intended} and gave the girls something to think about.

Their creativity was incredible.

Just ask George. {above and below}


holden and george photo booth


Pretty dapper, wouldn’t you say?

 Yes, indeedy !




I pulled up a chair and clicked away. Not only did the children have fun but so did the grown-ups. Everyone dressed up and fixed up for several hours on two different days. Out came the phones and the “selfies” began. I took family shots and cousin shots and single shots and sibling shots.  One person would wander away, only to come back in a little while to create another disguise.




I bought most things at the dollar store and tried to buy things that came in multiples. I scrounged around for things that would be funky but wouldn’t be missed if they got broken or torn.  I did make headbands. Some had net like the one above and others had flowers and still others had feathers.

Family Gathering 2014_35


This post barely scratches the surface when it comes

to the volume and variety of our

Photo Booth Pics. 

But, wait !

More fun was yet to come. It was the fun of editing the photos in Pic Monkey.

The collage above shows multiples of the same photo that is first photo on this post. Photo Booth -style pictures really lend themselves to creative, funky editing !

For more about this fun activity, go to Family Gathering – More Photo Booth on this blog.





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