Flea Market Style: Chalkboards



journal entry:

Ahhhh. Chalkboards. 

All of the chalkboard frames were thrifted. Grandpa is the hero. He put them together. He said that he imagines that most Grandmas ask for “one of something” but I think in multiples. He is right. I am thinking ahead.

These and other frames were all sizes and prices. No frame cost more than $3 and most were $1 and $2.  Most came from Deseret Industries. Grandpa bought a large piece of “hardboard” (which Grandpa says used to be called Masonite) at Home Depot, traced each inside frame and cut the board with his skill saw. I bought black chalkboard paint with a coupon at JoAnn’s which made it $4.99. He was able to paint all of the pieces of board, many quite large and still have paint left over. Everything has two coats. It is really thick paint !

Don’t tell him, but I think there is enough paint left for several more boards. I also asked him to use a gray/taupe chalkboard paint which I already had mostly on the smaller boards. The gray/taupe paint was from Martha Stewart. Grandpa secured the board with those little pointy triangle things that are found with the picture framing supplies.



Some of the frames are plain. Most are at least a little unusual.





(I bought cellophane bags at The Paper Source.)

I am set for Christmas and I have been using my favorite boards to decorate my home as well.

They mix well with other kinds of art in every room of the house.




Above is an example of chalkboards mixed with art.


Even a bathroom can benefit from a chalkboard. This board is rather large

and looks really nice on the light wall.

The little angel is hanging by some fat twine and holds the chalk.

You really must call her a dime-store angel for that is what I paid for her.


Since I am thinking of the chalkboards as Christmas gifts, I wanted the chalk holders to be pretty.

These are very small thrifted metal trays. Most were under a dollar.

They are in varying degrees of aging which appeals to my love of old things.


“Chalk it up to experience.”

(Whatever that means)



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