Flea Market Style: Small Art

journal entry:

I keep my eyes open for “small art”. Generally, I am looking for old-fashioned subjects smaller than 8×10. Leaning against each other and overlapping, I find them to be all the more interesting to browse. This type of accessible display makes it easy for me to pick up individual pieces for a closer look and to change things both by adding and subtracting as I find something new.



I should stop saying that something is “my favorite” for only minutes can pass before something else takes its place. When decor is thrifted it seems less stressful to change something or to put things away. Flea Market Style makes it fashionable to mix and match and change and discard and replace and give things back to the thrift store without too much regret. These are just some of the reasons that I have come to love thrifting.


Each of these small pieces of art is interesting to look at. Displayed as they are, they can be handled, examined and moved around easily.



” Antique is a magic word that makes something worthless suddenly priceless.”



(I wouldn’t know a valuable antique if I saw one.

I do know when something appeals to me

because it it cozy, warm, interesting, lovely and unexpectedly affordable.)


  1. Janet

    This is so random but I was wondering if you knew the name of the painting in this post of the woman carrying the flowers? Or what flea market you got that from?

  2. Sandra

    Hello, Janet.

    I don’t know the name of the painting. I simply found it behind some things at Deseret Industries in Utah. Hope you find some fun treasures.


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