Flea Market Style : Kitchen

Lamps and Flower Pots

I have always liked the “nesting” style of things grouped together. Thus, on one corner of my kitchen counter I put these two ceramic pots with the most beautiful little lamp I have ever seen. The pots were easy to find. They can be any place in the house because they are so neutral. (both from Deseret Industries at $1 and $2) I have already changed things around, using the large white ceramic container to hold large silverware pieces.

I bought the lamp at Deseret Industries also for $6. I considered it the find of the week. It is beautiful stained glass nested in a wonderful iron base. The best thing about the lamp is how it works. The gentle touch of a finger turns the light on low. The next touch makes the lamp a little brighter and one more touch brings it to full light. With only the slight touch of a finger, the light turns off. It is absolutely wonderful to me. Who gave it away?


Serving Trays as Decor

I have thrifted many trays. Most have been small but these were perfect for my kitchen. The top tray says Pottery Barn ( $3 at Deseret Industries) on the back and the other large tray is very oxidized and has very graceful curved legs. ($3.99 at Savers)


(The little silver magnets on the top of my flour jar hold recipes onto either tray.)


Jello Molds and Tart Pans

The really tall glass jar holds metal cookie cutters which I have collected over the years as well as small molds which I am still collecting. The jar came from Savers. The very, very small molds are perfect for butter for special occasions. The smaller jar holds all of the jello molds, tart tins which I have also collected over time. I think they are nostalgic.

(My mother used the molds on the far right to make molded green jello salad with shredded carrots. She “un-molded” them onto a small plate and a piece of lettuce and threw a dab of Miracle Whip on the top.)

Times have changed.

small glass thrift

Stained Glass

I love stained glass. These three small panels are sitting over the kitchen sink. The glass on the far left was a piece I bought many years ago. The glass in the middle and in the front are both newly “thrifted”. The tulip was only 75 cents at Savers. They are layered because the southwest sun at the end of the day makes beautiful colors through the multiple pieces. The largest piece is about 7×10.

The Buffet

Some people call them buffets and some call them sideboards. Mine is a dresser which I am calling a buffet. I found this wonderful dresser at Deseret Industries which was in perfect condition except for one broken drawer. I knew that Grandpa could fix anything so I bought it and he, with predictable good nature, helped me pick it up and get it into the garage. He made his one millionth trip to Home Depot and within an hour, fixed the drawer.

Today’s decor is so forgiving. That is what I love about a Flea Market Style. You can mix and match styles, colors, fabrics and textures . . . within reason so, I didn’t worry about the large black mirror which would hang above the buffet. I will eventually paint it.


It’s drawers hold table cloths, silver trays, little pitchers and flatware.


Everything on the top of the buffet is from a thrift store. The lamp was $5 at Deseret Industries and it is truly unique. I especially loved the shade and the hardware at the top. The statue came from Savers and was a bit more expensive at $9.99 but it was striking. The boy is holding a chicken which his prize. I already had the large wooden basket with the iron handle. It was originally green but it is now off-white. It contains many tarnished silver containers and ceramics which are filled with an assortment of unique silverware. Grandpa made the chalkboard as he did about 20 others which will be shown elsewhere on this blog as “Chalkboards Everywhere”. ( just as soon as I can get everything posted ) Of all the frames that I found in my thrifting excursions. this chalkboard frame was my favorite.


(Another look at the top of the buffet)


Kitchen Scales

 I have not been fortunate to find the kind of kitchen scales that I would like.  (You know, the old, decorative, slightly rusted scales) The scale on the left is new. I use it to measure ordinary things. I do think that certain collectables are more available in other parts of the country. I did find the little green scale at Savers for $2.99. Everything is written in French. The ivy is real but is in a thrifted ceramic pot and the painting is by Grandpa and is one of my favorites.

The beautiful light is graciously provided by “the end of the day”.


“The worst thing about accidents in the kitchen

is that you usually have to eat them.”


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