Globes With Messages



journal entry:

Wonderful globes are often in the collectibles case at thrift stores. I missed this one. I was looking over the case as I walked by and was expecting to see a traditional globe with a blue ocean. The sweet clerk, who knows I am always looking for globes, motioned to me. “I have one today. I hoped you would come in.”

She pointed. I bought it.

It is very, very heavy. I have since seen copies of this globe which are lightweight but they don’t come close to this original.

 I found the resin binoculars with a leather strap at Savers. They seemed just right for this particular globe.






This globe is painted a metallic red.

It is embellished after the theme of a favorite Primary song:

Jesus once was a little child, a little child like me.

And He was pure and meek and mild as a little child should be. 


I used the art of the talented children’s illustrator Freya Blackwood.

I love her books and her style.





This globe includes all of the important words of the song.

Pure. Meek. Mild. 

As a little child should be

“Try to be like Him. Try, try try.”


“Begin where you are but don’t stay where you are.

Keep trying.”




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