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More playroom.

Somewhere in the tangle of Barbie legs and hair, I saw a dainty foot without the crippling and familiar “Barbie arch”. The arch I am referring to is the one where Barbie’s heel is lined up vertically in a perfect line with her toes. I have never understood why she doesn’t just fall right over.

I squeezed into the gaggle of girls untangling the doll legs and hiding there was a very beautiful Snow White doll. I picked her up and smoothed out her hair and her dress.

She is about 14 inches tall and in perfect condition. She is breakable and her price was $2. I do have her sitting out of the way of little fingers but the older children can handle her, carefully.


This little bear is made of wood and has a flat back with a hook. He must have been on someone’s wall. He may have felt a little sad when the sticker on his back was only 75 cents, but 75 cents bought him a new home. The tray and the colored blocks were also thrifted and so I thought he might be a good watchman. When Maya saw him, she uttered her customary two-year-old “ohhhhhhh” with an inflection that tells you that she means

“oh, my . . that is the sweetest little bear I have ever seen and I had better kiss him.”

Which she proceeded to do.




Here is a close-up of the happiest birds I have ever seen. They came from Savers. Look at their open mouths. I ask the little ones if they can sing like the birds and I am here to tell you that two-year-olds really can. The same little ones can also flap their imaginary wings. They say “yuck” when I ask them if they would like worms for lunch?  I remind them that if they hold their mouths open like these little birds, a mommy bird just might drop a worm inside.

YUCK. Yuck, again.


Who said book ends have to match?  At thrift stores, I have seldom found a “set”. I have found plenty of wonderful book ends who have lost their mates and therefore have been discarded. Why can’t an elephant and a bear work together to hold up some books?


I enjoy making the playroom like an “I Spy” book. This wonderful dog was a Saver’s “find” and the California Woody with the surfboards reminds me of one of my sons. He would have loved this car when he was young but alas . . . unlike Peter Pan, he had to grow up along with the rest of us.


These are just a few of the magical things I have found by thrifting. 

All they needed was a little soap and a place to live


some little hands to play with them !


“Some people pray for a bushel but carry a cup.”



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