“Fun Ahead” Wooden Sign


We are having a get-together.

I made this sign to put on the front porch railing.

Grandpa had this piece of wood just sitting around in the garage. I painted it with spray- paint- on- hand and he re-painted it with spray- paint- on- hand because painting is not one of my gifts. All I have to do is say that I am going to paint something and he jumps to do it for me. Nice.

I cut the vinyl words and the finger-pointing- hand with my Silhouette Cutting Machine and added a bling-bling swirly from my scrapbook supplies.  It is adhesive.


Grandpa drilled two holes in the top through which I put fat, purple, floral wire. I added the pewter-looking drawer knob which was in my knob collection jar. ( It came from Hobby Lobby and is attached through the same hole as the floral wire.)

Once the paint was dry I sanded the edges lightly and when everything was in place and dry, I held an ink pad in my hand and distressed it.

“That’s a lot of fun for one day.”





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