Lego Puzzles for Everyone


“This time when I say that I have eyes in the back of my head,

it just might be true.”



journal entry:

The minute I saw this idea I couldn’t try it fast enough.  The current issue of Family Fun Magazine showed how to make puzzles using Legos by gluing photographs on each Lego and having children put them together.   Since this week-end is our family Memorial-Day-Get-Together we are always looking for fun things for the kids to do.  I hope that this activity will be FUN over and over and over.





{  By the way, I used Cross Process in Picnik to edit my photos for this blog post.

It is a little funky but I am having fun trying new things.  }


There were many steps to complete this FUN project.


  • Put the assembled Lego shape on the part of the photograph you want to use.  Trace around it.  Cut it with a paper cutter.
  • Turn the photo over, measure each piece of the Lego shape and cut the pieces out.  Nice and straight.
  • Use an Elmer’s Extreme Glue Stick to put glue on the surface of each Lego.  DON’T PUT THE GLUE ON THE PHOTOS.  It works better directly on the Legos.
  • Press the picture piece onto the Lego and into position.  Start in the middle and work up and down from there.  That way, the middles of faces match up better.
  • Once the picture piece is positioned on its surface, hold it tightly with your fingers and trim the edges of the picture piece with craft scissors.
  • Spray with a clear sealant so that little fingers can hold the Legos any way they want to.



I decided right away that choosing the right photographs would be half of the fun.  I chose those with funny faces and people connecting with each other.  I put a picture on each side and in the case of Legos in a square, I put a picture on four sides.  Grown-ups are allowed to help.  Not only can the children put together the individual puzzles and find their own faces and those of their cousins, they can also build families.  I thought that sounded REALLY fun !



I expect that the children will have the most fun when they can’t figure it out and the faces are goofy.  When a mouth is on a forehead or an eyeball is next to an ear.  I plan a sequel to this post.   Next week.  After the FUN !


“Look, Grandma !  Your head is on backwards !”

-My Grandchildren-


“Oh, is it?  No wonder I can’t find anything.”





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