Gathered Together: The Lake 2020

Today was our day for the Lake.

Little Lakes are popping up all over the place and we love Manila Lake.

It is close, clean, has bathrooms,

has a place to inflate tubes and boats, has beach, grass, trees and shade.

This year Grandpa rented four paddle boards.

We added them to our boats, tubes and life jackets.

They were inflatable, something that surprised us.

But, what do we know?

The children all swim like fish.

Those over 12 can choose whether to wear a life jacket or not.

Some do. Some don’t.

Some like to paddle or row alone.

Some like to pile on together.

Our visit to the lake stretched into hours.

Tucker is only five. Just.

He paddled around the whole lake

and he even rescued someone’s lost paddle

Tucker has a lot to say about everything.

Today was a 100 sunblock day. Neutrogena makes it and I love it.

Even mothers found a way to get some rest.

Rachel made it around the whole lake, by herself,

without saying a word to anyone.

I’ll bet it felt like heaven.

Daniel . . . there are no words.

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