Gathered Together: T-Shirts for Boys 2020

Downloads and Clip Art

Daniel, who knows everything there is to know about my computer,

recently made the comment:

Well, Mom . . . you certainly love downloads don’t you. You just might have a million. No wonder you want to rename them so you can actually find them.

Well. Thanks to my downloads and my love of clip art,

my grandchildren had unique and personalized t-shirts

for The Family Gathering of 2020.

I bought the t-shirts at Michaels

while wearing a mask and carrying hand sanitizer.

They were $2.49 each.

I bought the iron-ons from Amazon in a package of 20.

They are Printworks Dark T Shirt Transfers for Ink Jet Printers.

The young men’s shirts were very outdoorsy while the girls’ shirts were more whimsical.

At first I was going to make all of them the same, as I have done a couple of times before. But, as I am wont to do, I changed my mind before I printed and started a hunt for the images I settled upon.

Look at this wonderful UTAH font.  (above)

Look at this gaggle of nut cases in new t-shirts. (below)

(I tucked the girls’ shirts in little beach bags. Their photos are on a separate post.)

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