Globe Decor: Lamp, Lifeboat or Ladder


Be a Lamp, a Lifeboat or a Ladder.


At the top of the globe are a lamp, lifeboat and a ladder.

They are joined by a little-boy-turned-angel so that there is someone to

light the lamp, row the boat and steady the ladder.

I bought the little fellow over 25 years ago at a boutique. He is made of resin and is handmade and hand-painted.

I added his silver wings and some gathered net to represent the waves and water.

The globe is painted with silver spray paint.

The large words are cut from Silhouette foil.

Hanging from the boat is an anchor, a fish and an octopus.

They have symbolism for me.

The globe is lightly distressed

with brown distress ink and pewter gray-blue paint.

A string of bitsy lights is lightly wrapped around the globe

and can be taken off easily.

Now, I must ask myself –

 which I will I be,

and why not all three ?

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