Globe Decor: Sitting On Top of the World


“I’m sitting on top of the world

Just rolling along, just rolling along.

I’m quitting the blues of the world, 

Just singing a song, just singing a song.”

This is an old song as old goes. It was written by Al Jolson

but many people have recorded their own version.

It is a very happy and positive song !

From the top of the world

I can see how beautiful everything is

and I feel grateful.

Being on top of the world means

that I have food to eat,

flowers to smell –

seeds to plant

and water.

Being on top of things means –

there is plenty of laughter even when there are tears . . .

and an abundance of hope.

Being on top of the world means

having enough for my needs

and plenty to share with others.

Oh, it is wonderful

to be able to surprise people

with things they need

and don’t expect.

Feeling on top of the world means

feeling like a Queen,

with a smaller kingdom

and fewer responsibilities.

(Grandpa reminded me that Queen,

which is a musical group,

recorded a wonderful up-beat song titled


When you are on top of the world

a few things mean a lot

and too many things

feel like a burden.



From the top of the world

you can see everything

and everything is beautiful.



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