Good Luck Charms


It is fun to believe in magic.

It is fun to think that there are little things which bring us luck.

Little, silly things can be so very comforting. 


I know some special people who have had some recent trials. They have been sustained by their faith and prayers. They have been supported by their family and neighbors. They look up and not down but fun it was for me to make a little something that is whimsical. That is why I filled these little jars with treasures and called them “Good Luck Charms”.



Little boys used to carry rabbit’s feet in the bottom of their pockets. Everyone liked to think that a rabbit’s foot brought good luck. In real life, faith, prayers and hard work bring good luck. Nevertheless, there may come a day when a little treasure  in the  pocket or purse is just the boost a person needs. 

Why take a chance?


Walter de la Mare wrote a well-known poem which is perfectly whimsical and makes me think of other magical things like why a person might benefit from a pocket-full of very lucky and well-intended charms.



Could you tell me the way to Somewhere-
Somewhere, Somewhere,
I have heard of a place called Somewhere-
But know not where it can be. 
It makes no difference,
Whether or not
I go in dreams
Or trudge on foot:
Would you tell me the way to Somewhere,
The Somewhere meant for me.



Doves, lizards, dice, airplanes, baubles, pins, yellow ducks, tiny hearts, starfish, fortune cookies, babies, flowers, jacks and donuts.

These things and more make a charming assortment of tiny things that just might bring good luck.










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