Another Robot Memory Game





This is another Robot Memory/Matching Game. There are 28 matches (56 cards), laminated in 4×6 pockets to keep them nice. I have several of these wonderful, bright and cheerful plastic boxes which I bought for $1 at Michael’s. The Robot cards fit perfectly.




You spread the cards out on the floor or table (if it is big enough) with this adorable robot face looking at you. Then, the first person turns over two cards. If they match, it is an accident (just kidding) . . . if they match, the person keeps the cards and takes another turn. If they don’t match (the most likely outcome), the person turns them back over and another person takes a turn. The person with the most matches WINS.

You may think it is an easy game. Not so. Robots have similar parts. Sometimes they have similar shapes and faces, as spoken by someone who has come to know them well. The game is best played just after you have eaten so that your brain is working. It seems that the younger the person playing, the easier he or she remembers where the cards are found. Three-year-olds beat 70 year-olds hands down every time. (I speak from personal experience)

Don’t ask me why. 



Do you see what I mean about the difficulty

of remembering which robots you have turned over? 










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