Bitsy Bear Boxes


What will I do when my grandchildren
grow beyond the little things I love to make for them?
Will I just make “little things” in bigger sizes?
Will I trade little bears for large bears
or tiny pillows for HUGE pillows?
  I suspect ( as I already see ) that I will become a Grandma
who sends money in plain envelopes.
Then, I will learn to doodle on the envelopes.


(Bitsy Bear mattress and pillow with case shown above)
Little things are fun to make.
Little things are best made with scraps and left-overs.




Because it feels good to turn out something nice
out of something discarded.



( Bitsy Bear pillow inside of a little pillowcase )



Into a little “dollar” box goes the mattress and the pillow.

What comes next?



Ahhhhhh. A Bitsy Bear . . .  a bottle to fill her tummy

and a little tea light to comfort her.

The Bitsy Bear can go anywhere safely in her box. 





p.s.    Here is the Bitsy Bear’s Dollar Store Box




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