Grandma Has a New Camera Lens

Uh-oh.  I have a new camera lens.  I read up on it for weeks and weeks before I finally bought it.  Actually before I had the money for it.  It is a Canon 10-22 Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens.  It will take some getting used to.  It is used primarily for large panoramas and landscapes and people up-close and personal.  I have scoured the Internet for photographs people have taken with this lens.  I am excited ! It really won’t take the place of my regular lens but it will be so fun to try some creative things with willing or unwilling grandchildren.  I have already practiced on Grandpa and erased every photograph I took.  I did like the one of his car.  It was as long as a limo with an enormous grill. Actually, so were Grandpa’s ears. And his nose.  I need more practice.

So.  Here I go again.  Messing around with technical things I have no business trying to figure out.  I am sure that I will understand about a nano-fraction of the things I need to know to use the new lens well.  Nevertheless . . . I am ready.  And, children are usually really good sports except that unlike a regular or telephoto lens, I have to get right in their faces.   Let’s hope I improve !

{ I edited the photographs above in Picnik using “Cross Process” which makes things kind of 1950’s-looking.

The background is a texture from Picnik }

“Wow, Grandma.  My mouth is so big.  That’s freaky !”



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