Little Felt Flowers

“The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.”

-Tennessee Williams-

I thought that I would give the little felt flowers a try.  I  prowled around on the Internet to see what others had been doing.  So many styles and patterns and types of blossoms.   I didn’t want regular flowers, I wanted irregular flowers with petals of different shapes and sizes.  I wanted three-dimensional flowers.  And fat flowers.  I wanted chubby, healthy flowers.  I prowled around the Internet and stared at every flower I saw walking around on someone’s head or pinned to someone’s chest.  Then I bought some little pieces of felt.  At first I bought wool felt but decided it was too expensive and didn’t make any difference in the way the flower looked.  I bought strips of felt in multiple colors in increments of 1/4 of a yard.

I experimented.  Big and little.  Round and square.  Buds in the center and beads.  Leaves and no leaves.  The flowers above are all small.  About the size of the lid from a baby food jar.   The flowers on the left are made from small squares with a same-color bud in the middle.  The middle flowers are tiny, without buds in the middle but with beads.  The little pink flowers on the right have both.

Instead of gluing things to things I sewed everything.  I sewed the flowers and the buds and the beads and bought headbands already covered with cloth.  I sewed the flowers to the headbands which caused me to worry less about flowers coming off.  Since the stitching is underneath the flowers, it can’t be seen.  Above are four different headbands using little, tiny, felt flowers.  With buds AND beads in the middle and little, green leaves.

I have odds and ends.  Experimental flowers.  The top flower has leaves of a different shape and the flower below uses bright colors.  Both are small, small, small.  And easy, easy easy.  And cheap, cheap, cheap.  I bought a little organza and looked at pictures of organza flowers on the Internet.  They are next !

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