Grandma’s Photo Journals

“There are years that ask questions

and years that answer.”

-Zora Neale Hurston-

journal entry:

I often wonder what will matter the most to me when I am old . . . I mean really old, not youngish old like I am today.  I believe that it will be the love of my family and the memories of my life with them.  I love making photo journals.  These journals each chronicle a full year in the lives of a family, primarily the children. I used my favorite “storytelling” photographs from that year.  I chose sepia for the color, printed out the photographs, laminated them and bound the books.  Through the years, good times and bad times, photo journals can help us keep perspective.  They remind us that most of what happens to us in life is good and that we couldn’t count our blessings even if we tried.  There are just too many.

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