Baby Car Seat Cover

“Grandmothers are the people

who take delight in hearing babies

breathing into the telephone.”

-Author Unknown-
journal entry:
I am constantly wondering why I didn’t think of things when I was younger.  For example, this car seat cover.  Maybe it is because I didn’t put my children in car seats which needed to be covered because they didn’t make them.  My children roamed freely throughout the car and a baby often slept on the seat.  No, we weren’t negligent or brainless . . . things just hadn’t advanced yet.  Today, the thought of taking a grandchild in the car without a car seat or a seat belt is a horrifying thought ! I developed  strong muscles  from carrying children around . . . but the mommies of my grandchildren have muscles which look like they came from the gym.  It’s those 50 pound car seats !
You know, the fabrics just get cuter and cuter.  There are so many that it is almost impossible to choose.  I didn’t buy a pattern for this cover but kind of measured in my head as I saw young mothers walk by with their versions of covers. Some covers are fluffy and some are bold and bright.  Some have fringe and rick rack and some are quite plain.  These car seat covers can be pretty expressive.  This cover is 24 inches wide and 36 inches long.  The front is one fabric and the back is another.  The ties are a third fabric. They are part of a family of fabrics which can be mixed and matched.  I pinned the right sides together, tucked in some big rick rack and sewed it together, leaving an opening of about 8 inches.  I turned the cover inside out and ironed it flat.  I finished the open edge and sewed the straps on the top.  The mommy slips the cover under the raised handle of the car seat and ties it in two places with the ties.  But all mommies today know that. It’s just grandmas  who are still learning. When baby is sleeping or it is cold or the wind is blowing, the cover can provide protection.  When mommy wants to look inside or baby wants to look outside . . . half of the cover can be folded back. There are a lot of smart and snazzy mommies walking around right now.  It goes to show that it doesn’t matter how old you are . . . you can still learn new things !

“Some people care too much. 

I think it’s called love.”


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