Grocery List for the Forgetful


This is a personalized grocery list for the forgetful person. I am that person. I have quit saying that “I will remember that” or “I don’t need to write that down”. If you are a grandma and you are still saying those things, you are likely fibbing.

I have made these magnetic fridge lists before. I have learned that I buy the same things over and over. There are staples and there are extras so my personal list is a combination of the two.

I found an Internet image, added my list to it and printed it out on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of photo paper. I placed the paper on an adhesive magnet sheet of the same size and put it on the fridge.

I use little tiny magnets next to the things I need to remember to buy. When I have written down the things I have noted during the week, I move the magnets to the side and start again.

You might say that it is easier to write it down the first time when you think of it. Maybe. But not as pretty !





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