Super Heroes and Other Wonders

Our family is full of Super Heroes and Wonder People. Not that other families don’t have their share, but I don’t know much about other families. It was clear to me, after several days of our Annual Family Gathering, that most of the Super Heroes in the Universe were right before my eyes. That’s how Grandmas see things. They have Super Powers too, so be careful how you mess with them.

It is important to know your own super powers and the super powers of those around you. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work to develop your super powers. Just like The Incredibles, everyone has to practice using a Super Power once they find it, or it might turn into a Silly Power. Silly Powers don’t help things, they goof things up.

I can’t even begin to measure how much fun I have add recording the exploits of the Super Heroes and Wonder People in my family as they worked and played for a week in July.

Now to share.

I think that sharing is a Super Power and I am going to practice, practice practice.


Aliens and monsters and bravery and chivalry and close calls and scary, disappearing things and hope, hope hope . . . and clever disguises and tons of ingenuity.  The list goes on and so does the beat. (not the beet you eat)

(Each family will receive a CD with 50 images from our Annual Family Gathering. Each image is set up to “beg the question” of what happened before and what is going to happen next. Each person will find it easy to recognize everyone else even though they are all very well disguised. I have asked a Wonder Person I know to cast a harmless spell on the Super Parents to put the CD into a Wonder Computer so that their Super Heroes can remember our gathering and have some fun)

p.s.   If you don’t think that this is Family History then you don’t know Family History !



Our Very Own Annual Super Hero and Wonder Person Gathering.

(July 2017)

(don’t know the illustrator and don’t know when

he or she drew this portrait of our family)

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