Oli’s Bed Quilt



Oli has a pretty bedroom. Oli has a very, pretty bed.

Oli, who is a pretty girl,

 wondered if Grandma would make a quilt for her bed.

“Why, yes,” said Grandma.

Grandma had never made a quilt big enough to cover a whole bed.

She had always made little snuggle quilts.

She wondered if she could do it.

“I wonder if I can make such a big quilt ?”

Grandma wondered to herself.

She did a lot of wondering.

More wondering than she used to do.

It might just be that she was getting a little older.

She wondered about that.



Well . . . she did make Oli’s bed quilt

and she is glad she did.

It is made of lots of big triangles.

The yellow and blue triangle-squares

 are hand-stitched around each square.

The whole quilt is tied to the backing

at the center of each square

with Perle Cotton thread.

She made a couple of pillowcases. The kind that are just for show.

The yellow and blue border on the pillowcases

is the same as the backing of the bed quilt.



I love you, pretty Oli.







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