Gymnastics for Afton

Gymnastics for two-year-olds conjures up all kinds of images.  The least of them is discipline.  But I was wrong.  These little two-year-olds were wonderful.  You would have thought that they knew about the Olympics.

One hour once a week at the Rec Center.  Rules include a mommy who stays with her little person at all times which means running around and chasing and sweating.  The mommys were as much fun to watch as the kids.

Since Afton had, in the past, had little interest in following the rules, her mommy worried that I wouldn’t be able to get any fun pictures.  But Afton had a different view of things that day.  She stretched and followed the leader and climbed through things and rolled over and hung on.  She was great !  She even looked at me if I wanted her to.  I shadowed Afton and her mommy.  It was only at the end of the time that the kids started to have minds of their own and fall apart.

There were balance beams an inch high.  Big ropes to swing on.  Inclines to roll down.  Right in the center of the Rec Center.  Up above . . . around the outside, people walked and jogged on a track and stopped to look at the little kids below.  Screaming and chasing and running and jumping and swinging and occasionally crying.  I am so glad that I went to see Afton before it all goes to her head.  The Olympics, I mean.

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