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Sometimes families live far away from each other.  It’s hard for little ones to keep track of their cousins and aunts and uncles.  I made this little book for Andrew and Owen who live hours and hours away from us.  They visit with their parents a couple of times a year and we visit them about the same number of times.  Talking on the telephone just isn’t quite the same.

I bought the chipboard book on a discount table.  I printed out 4×6 photographs of each family member and made a pattern  which fit each square.  I traced the pattern on the back of the photographs with the face in the middle and cut the photographs to fit.  I used spray adhesive to attach them and did the same for the paper on the front and back.

This little blank book had 24 “sides” and I only needed 22.  It was perfect.  Maybe I will need to add more faces one day.  Easy for me to say.

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