Halloween Krispies

Quick and Easy Family Treats

I loved the idea when I found it. There is nothing quite as easy as making Rice Krispy Treats. They are so yummy and simple and take almost no time to make. I used a deep cookie sheet to make this batch and melted the chocolate wafers over the stove in little pans. Now is the time to easily find Googly Candy Eyes at the store.

These girls each wanted to choose their own color. That made it easy to know which treats belonged to which person. Afton immediately became creative and got tired of squares and rectangles. She fashioned a couple of little monsters which held together quite well with the melted candy.

I have no idea if, when the treats went home, they were eaten.

If I know Maya they were.

If I know Afton they weren’t.

Nevertheless, they were fun and creative

My stove is gas. That means open flames. Children who have only cooked on an electric range have to learn to be careful. They were.

The challenge for Maya was to quit snitching the chocolate by licking her fingers. It told her that she would have to eat every single one if she kept licking her fingers because no one else would want one. She smiled and seemed pleased. I gave up.

Boo to You from Grandma.

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