Mortality: Afton’s Christmas Cookies

Grandma Took the Time

Fast approaching is the Christmas Season. Reminders of Christmases Past are sweet and touching, especially when a little girl is wearing a Christmas tree on her head and Grandma’s apron around her neck.

Spread throughout this blog are some of my favorite pictures of ways that we have lived and helped each other in this life.  Your hint for finding them is that they will usually start with the word  MORTALITY. So many wonderful things are meant to be experienced in this life and so, rather than leave the memories in my photo folders, I plan to add many of my favorites from the past to this blog. 

Afton is now twelve. She is a sweetheart and I love her. I want her to find this post when I have moved along and remember that we had fun making Christmas cookies in my kitchen on more than one occasion.


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