MORTALITY: Planting More Than a Garden

There is much more to planting a garden than pushing seeds into the ground. If you plant a garden with someone else, especially with someone you love, you just might find yourself talking about important things. That is because there is no clock in a garden and people forget about the time. People say that they start to love the way the soil feels and smells and if you are a child and you love your grandpa, then helping him to plant his garden is worth its weight in gold along with the weight of everything else that grows from your efforts, especially the big pumpkins.

Mortality is the time to be close to the earth. It is the time to plant gardens not only to enjoy them but to remember how our ancestors lived for centuries before us. They didn’t run to grocery stores for things they had forgotten but made the most of what they had. Grandpa thought that it was special to have Afton help him plant this day. He said so.

Talk To Me

These special photographs tell the tale. These two found plenty of talk time and since I was far away with a special lens, I didn’t bother them one bit and I love being able to give them the gift of this particular memory.


-Grandma Was There-

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