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How about a quick little post that has no purpose other than to be bright and happy?  I will tell you right now that my sun-filled work space is like Heaven-on-Earth to me. You who love it too, already know that about me.

I would like you sweethearts to remember me as a true believer in the merits of “personal space” no matter how small.  The photo above is only one tiny piece of a larger room. You know your way around the room because you have all been there. Some of you love to look through every jar and drawer and box and sit at my desk to stamp fancy paper or cut shapes or string beads.

I would like you to remember that most of what you see came from various thrift stores. The mirrors in the background are thrifted. Look at the pretty frames. The tall jars are thrifted and they are only a few of the many jars that I use to keep  “this and that”.


Mood Boards.

If Mood Boards were really Mood Boards, I would have to update mine several times a day. They are really more like Idea Boards. They are designed to be anything to anyone and can be filled with anything that makes someone feel good. Some people like photos of homes and furniture. Some of sewing and knitting. Some of animals. Some like this-and-that as I do.

This is a big board and fits nicely into the category of this post which means it is a happy thing.  

My board ends up with photographs, illustrations from the Internet, patterns and other odds and ends. I love what I feel when I see the art of Heide Presse and Charlie Mackesy.

I thrifted the board at Saver’s for almost nothing. It is very light and that is nice for hanging.  Since I like to trade things around I want to show you two additional boards which I also thrifted. They were originally from Hobby Lobby and still had a price tags on the backs of $97. each. Even if someone originally bought them with a coupon, they were pricey. They are in beautiful condition and went into my car at the bargain price of $5 each.


I especially love the white board. My point in being happy about things like this is that if you become a thrifter like me,  you can fill your personal space with special things that cost almost nothing and be as happy as a lark. 

If you would rather have a chalkboard, then make one. Thrift a picture frame and use chalk paint to paint a flat board to fit the frame. I am happy just telling you about things like this !

Above is my collection of large, beautiful, empty frames. All were thrifted. I think a frame shop must have been cleaning house the day I found most of these. On average the larger frames were $4.

If you have ever had something framed in a shop, you know how expensive frames can be but how beautiful and timeless they can be when the portrait or art is matted and finished.

Frames like these are just one more reason to be happy.


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