Headband Heaven for Little Girls


Headbands give me a headache.

So, why am I making headbands for my little granddaughters?  For dress-ups.

These aren’t “go-to-church” headbands.  They are “dress-up and prance- around- like- princesses” headbands. They are intentionally overdone and extra flouncy and feathery and big and glittery.

They have little veils which cover demure little eyes and feathers which softly bounce when you walk. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to have headbands like these unless they are in a Broadway production or unless their Grandma made them. For fun. A Grandma who hopes to steal some photographs of little girls dressing up in them.


A few are patriotic. A good choice for this very patriotic month of July.

I wonder who will choose these?  

{ Scroll to the bottom to find out ! }



And what about these fancy headbands?  Who will choose to wear these?





I suspect that the little girls will figure out how to have a “headband store” where everyone has to “buy” the headbands and model them for everyone. Or maybe they will figure out how to have a “headband parade”.  I know they will take turns trying on ALL of the headbands and looking in the mirror and saying “I like that one” and “you look simply wonderful in that color” or “may I have a closer look at your feather?”

The little girls I know always do things like that!

“I feel pretty. I feel pretty. I feel pretty and witty and gay.”






  1. Heather

    Such a hit!! Afton was in heaven. I haven’t ever been able to get her to wear a head band before now. She loves these! We looked cute in them too!

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