Pincushions and More Pincushions


Oh, dear.

I am going through a pincushion phase. That means that I am interested in the pincushions other people use and make and save and give away. I am interested in little pincushions made to be worn like rings and bracelet pincushions and pincushions in old tea cups.  I thought that I had satisfied my pincushion excitement with the last batch I made but I wasn’t even close to being finished.

So. A few more.




My mother still uses a pincushion I made for her when I was about ten. She doesn’t sew anymore because she can’t see well enough but she still keeps her sewing machine out with things looking about the same as they always have . . . just in case she needs them.  The pincushion I made for her was knitted. I think I learned to knit a rectangle, roll it up and sew it so that it looked like a sweet roll. Then I learned to crochet a small border around the top. I actually thought that it was always hard to find the pins. They disappeared right into the middle unless they had a big heads. That said, today’s pincushions are VERY different from pincushions of the past because we have so many odds and ends to decorate them with and so many options for the filling. Mine are filled with poly pellets.



My grandmother had a pincushion which my Aunt inherited and when she died my mother inherited it. I am hoping it will be mine next. It is made of wood and is a bird. You slip your scissors through a slot which gives the bird a head and a beak.  Sort of. The pincushion part is below the “scissor beak”.

It is wonderful.



I have a favorite scrapbook store which carries a HUGE assortment of ribbons. This printed cotton ribbon below made a perfect label for this “bunting” pincushion. One half yard gave me six repetitions of the phrase. I attached the label with double-sided fuse material and used Fray Block on the ends.

Away they go into a little box until I give them away to someone who’s sad or happy or sick or discouraged or just learning to sew. My granddaughter chose her favorite and took it home. See?

 There’s something so “domestic” about pincushions.




“Twilight drops her curtain down, and pins it with a star.”

-Lucy Maud Montgomery-


  1. Mandy

    Omg, those are absolutely beautiful… 99%of those you see in Google images are so boring, but this…is so beautiful! Where is the tutorial? I was hoping there’d be some! 😉

  2. Sandra

    Hi, Mandy. Thanks for your comment. You probably noticed that my blog isn’t monetized. I don’t include ads or buttons or anything else but use it to keep track of my projects and things I love to do. That is why I don’t have tutorials but now and then just explain what I did. In the case of these pincushions, I made them up as I went merrily along. That is not much help except to say that most started out as circles of fabric which I gathered and sewed closed after I filled with poly pellets. Some were two circles sewn together and the embellishments were flowers I made by folding a strip of fabric in half and gathering the strip to make a flower. There are other pincushions on my blog which you might like. I especially loved those I made in old spoons and little shoes. I think you should be able to use the search box to find them under “pincushions”.

    Thanks. Sandy

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