I Spy Bags


I don’t remember where the saying came from but I remember hearing it when I was a child. It usually had to do with “spying” things as you drove in a car. There is nothing new about I SPY bags except that I have never made them before. When I see fabric I love, I often buy a quarter or a third of a yard and stash it away. So, I found several small pieces of fabric with cowboys and dinosaurs and cars and dogs and trains and got going.

I bought the vinyl for the windows by- the- yard at Wal-Mart and used poly pellets which also came  from Wal-Mart at $2.99 per bag.

The best part of the whole project was prowling around for the “insides”.  I found most of the treasures at Partyland and added spools and buttons and glitter and sequins which were already in my craft room.  This wonderful fabric was just perfect for spying rubber cowboys and a wooden guitar.  Take a look at the back !


I’ve never met a little boy who didn’t like dinosaurs. Grrrrrr…….! Most of the I SPY bags I made have a variety of things in them:

  • spikey balls
  • fat beads
  • sequins
  • glitter
  • plastic beads
  • cars and trucks
  • things that fly
  • magnifying glasses
  • dog bones
  • bugs
  • animals
  • fish
  • rings and stars and spools
I made most of the bags small and round. It seemed to me that they would fit perfectly in two, little hands without being too heavy. They are six inches in diameter.

 Grandpa and I are going on a visit soon

to a home with two little boys who have busy, busy hands.

I think that I will tuck a couple of these I Spy bags in my suitcase !


(I hope whomever thought of this wonderful idea made a million dollars)


– Grandma-



{ I didn’t know that the tiny, plastic flashlight turned on !  George’s Daddy discovered it and George found it in the I Spy Bag over and over.}


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