It Only Cost a Dollar

Most people know about Michaels.  The craft store.  One 40% coupon each week.  Unless the thing you want is already on sale for 30%.  Then, you are out of luck.  They won’t do the math.  You can only use the 40% on something that isn’t on sale.  I have tried to figure out what their problem is.  I can’t see the difference between an extra 10% on a 30% sale which equals 40%, using the coupon in exactly the way it would have been used on something else.  It doesn’t cost Michaels a nickle more.  Finally, I asked the manager, who was ringing up my stack of wooden put-together projects for my grandsons.  She said they didn’t want their employees to try to figure it out.  It was just too hard.  Sorry, Michaels.  I love you and will keep shopping in you.  But, really.

“So far Grandpa has helped his little grandchildren put together wooden dinosaurs, space shuttles, boats and this motorcycle.  Grandpa said that the motorcycle was the hardest yet.  I won’t tell him about the huge ocean liner I almost bought.  Grandpa is patient about putting things together, and he knows that he will finish the project alone.  Little attention spans can’t make it all the way through some projects with glue.  Glue has to dry.  Kids can’t wait.”

So, for one dollar, Holden can have a very complicated motorcycle.  And paint it.  With washable paints.  Then, if he wants to, he can take it home.  Michaels  and Hobby Lobby are my favorite places for kids’ crafts.  They are endless and CHEAP !  I often see grandmas like me scouring every bin on the dollar aisle for things to keep the little ones occupied.  We usually smile at each other when we put the wooden things in our carts . . . because we know the kids can’t put them together but Grandpa can !


  1. Sandra

    Oh, Clara. I love your sweet comments. I have a picture of you and Grandpa in the garage. Yes . . . you are painting a very big dinosaur ! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog journal of things I LOVE to do.

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