Juice Box Water Bottles


A quick post about juice-box-sized plastic bottles. 

Getting ready for the grandchildren.

Found these little bottles with straws built in 2 for $1. 

I am going to make fish-shaped ice cubes out of juice and put them in the bottles. Then, I am going to plop them back into the freezer. When it is time to have an adventure, I plan to load the little bottles into the tray and take them along. Once we are in the heat and the sun the little fish will simply melt and swim around before they disappear. That should keep little people cool. Briefly.

 When the bottles are empty, we will fill them up again. With anything we can find.



I like to put names on just about everything.

It saves so much heartache.

Then, no one has to hear “that one is mine” or “he has mine” or “she took mine”. 

Or, the wail of  “MOMMMMM” or “but, Grandma”.

“Names on things make the world a very peaceful place.”




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