Kitchen Sink Wind Chimes

I love wind chimes.

Not the noisy kind that sound like Big Ben

but wind chimes with some personality and pleasant, soft, interesting, unusual sounds.


I have seen wind chimes made from painted tin cans but I wanted something with a little more variety for my grandchildren to make. I made this wind chime to give the children an idea or two. I am going to hang it over the sandbox. A trip to the dollar store and a cruise around the house and garage resulted in a big container of “FUN” things for the children to use.

Grandpa drilled holes in the cans, the bowls and some plastic cups in bright colors. I have used odds and ends of parachute cord but I will also give them a bowl of ribbon scraps in case they want something even brighter  I bought a bag of small bells and found some big bolts and spools.



This project will require supervision for the little ones but will showcase the imagination of each child who makes one. Grown-ups will have to help tie things from the top and make sure that noisy things hit each other in the wind.

When the visit is over  . . .  the children can take them home and hang them in their own trees.

In other states. In other places.

That is something their parents were dying to know.



“The birds are very curious. Are you?”







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