Kitchen Sink Wind Chimes: The Happy Conclusion



This activity stays on my list.

It was SO fun !

If you are wondering what I am talking about, find my Kitchen Sink Wind Chimes post on this website.

 This post is the “after”.

This project required help from parents and older siblings. The children had strong opinions about what they wanted to hang from each of their wind chimes.  It was fun to watch their little minds go to work and their little hands, too.



After each of the chimes was finished, the children wrote their names with markers on one of the “plastic items”. We hung them on little tea cup hooks which were already in the wood and which usually hold Christmas lights in December.

The chimes bumped against each other. The bells tinkled. The soft breeze cooperated.

Hummingbirds came around to see what all of the fuss was about and to figure out where these glorious colors had come from.

Hummingbirds love bright colors !




“Wind chimes are Martha Stewart’s boombox.”



(Art Doll by Tatiana Gurina)


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